Get Thumbs, enhance the link to your website

Thumbs, as we like to call them or thumbnails are reduced size versions of pictures used to help You increase the CTR (Click Through Rate). All thumbs can point to your website home page or a single page on your website or each single thumb can point to a different page within your website.

Thumbs are an addon or enhancement to your existing link on BUYBERA that points to your website. It makes link to your website stand out from crowd and allows user to easily notice the link and increases his interest in your website content. Thank you for consider to purchase set of thumbs, by doing it you provide us so much needed support.

Set of 7 thumbs cost $9.00 only and it is a one-time payment. Includes 7 thumbs size of 80 x 60 pixels, up to 7 links. You can create your thumbs and send to us or we can create thumbs for you, free of charge – just let us know.

Please note: any further thumbs and link modifications are welcome, however, are accepted as a new order at a specified price.


How to get thumbs?

Please use below form to order thumbs. As per provided details we will reply with PayPal payment request.

Thumbs ordering
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