Statement on a link removal request.

At BUYBERA we’re always sorry when we receive a request to remove a link to a website.

If You are concerned about your Google ranking because of the the link from, we would like you to know the following, starting from January 1st 2015. we applied to all our outbound links a rel=”nofollow”, which actually solve the issue of influencing the ranking of the link’s target in the Google search engine’s index.

Click here for more information about the rel=”nofollow”.

For websites indexed before January 1st 2015. we occasionally and randomly make changes and apply the rel=”nofollow” and we also do that on request free of charge, please contact us and let us know your website domain name.

Website owners should understand that the rules set by Google and/or other search engines for their websites ranking system are not binding to us, You, or anyone else. Those are rules set in place for those who care about their website ranking position on Google.

In other words, BUYBERA is not in any way obliged to enforce the rules outlined by Google or other companies, unless we are not committed to it and in the case when it comes to links, we are not committed to anyone that we will follow their rules and abide by the same.

Our business is based on indexing websites and allowing our visitors to find among indexed websites exactly what they are looking for, the way we believe is easy for everyone. We’re proud of the fact that our visitors get only what they search for if we have it in our database.

However, if you insist on a link removal we will charge you and still keep your domain name visible to our visitors.

Removing a link is an easy and simple task, however, making sure it does not come back again is another thing.

In order to remove a link to your website we request a payment of $20 for the administration fee to our PayPal account and mention your website domain name.